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Automation Solutions

Automation Solutions

Our company offers a comprehensive spectrum of cost-effective automation applications that are designed to ensure smooth and reliable production flows. This includes powerful process control, stable process optimization systems & solutions for quality-assured production

Steps Followed

Requirements Definition

Concept Development

Prototype Design,Develop&Test

System Design




Core Competencies

Process Automation

Effluent Treatment Plant Automation, Water Treatment Plant Automation, Automatic Layer Separation, Furnace Automation, Cleaning in place, sterilization in place etc. Parameter Control – Temperature, Pressure, PH, Dissolved Oxygen, Hydrogen, Chlorine etc

Machine Automation

Reactor Automation, ANFD Automation, VTD Automation, Blender Automation etc

Advantages of Automation

Increased throughput or productivity

Improved quality

Improved robustness (consistency) of processes or product

Improved safety

Reduction in cost