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Electronic pressure measurement

We offer a complete range of electronic pressure measuring instruments like pressure sensors, pressure switches, pressure transmitters and process transmitters. These instruments come supplied with standardised current or voltage output signals, interfaces and protocols for various field buses

Digital Pressure Gauge

Differential pressure transmitter

Pressure Transmitter

Electronic pressure switch

Mechatronic pressure measurement

Almost unlimited options are available for different combinations of mechanical measuring systems, switch contacts, output signals and electrical connections. Due to the synthesis of the mechanical display with the switch contact or transmitter function it is not only possible to display measured values without the need for external power, but also to monitor limit values or to control processes.

Bourdon tube pressure
gauge with electrical output

Diaphragm pressure gauge
with electrical output

Differential pressure gauge

Compact pressure switch

Mechanical pressure measurement

We offer a wide range pressure measuring systems with bourdon tube, diaphragm element & capsule element technologies. Various MOCs like copper alloy, stainless steel or special materials are available.

Bourdon tube pressure gauge

Capsule pressure gauge

Diaphragm pressure gauge

Differential pressure gauge